Estate Planning for Those More Comfortable Communicating in Spanish

by | Oct 29, 2022 | estate planning, legacy planning


While planning for your financial and legal future is essential, it can often be overwhelming. To make matters worse, language barriers can further cause disastrous issues that may even impact how your final wishes are conveyed. However, having a Spanish-speaking estate planning attorney on your side can make all the difference. 

Why Does Having Access to Spanish-Speaking Attorneys Matter?

In California, the percentage of the population that is spanish speaking is 25.8%. Spanish is heard in the media, neighborhoods, and in workplaces. Spanish-speakers that provide a service to the community not only provide representation, they also provide accessibility to those spanish-speaking individuals. It is imperative that those that are seeking legal consultation have the ability to do so with someone that is able to speak and understand them in their language. Having access to a spanish-speaking attorney provides these individuals with several benefits. 

Effective Communication

Legal proceedings and legal processes, including estate planning, are riddled with complexities and complicated terminology. This can be difficult for any layperson to understand. However, an additional challenge of a language barrier could spell disaster for communication. The client that speaks Spanish may not be able to comprehend what information the attorney is presenting or what the documentation is asking of them. This can lead to misunderstandings. Proper estate planning documentation is essential for the proper execution of an individual’s final wishes. However, a language barrier could lead to wishes getting lost in translation if the attorney does not speak and understand Spanish. Instead, an attorney that speaks Spanish can help to properly guide the client through the process, as well as explain anything they may have a concern about. 

Trust and Reliability 

Handling estate planning processes is a delicate matter and should be done so with the highest level of integrity. You would not want some random person you plucked off the street to handle your most sensitive legal and financial matters. However, that’s what it can feel like when someone does not speak or understand your language. While that person may be a professional, the language barrier can hurt the trust between the two parties. Instead, an attorney that speaks Spanish can help to bridge this gap. Just by speaking the same language, a client can feel a sense of ease that their wishes and concerns are being properly understood when it comes to these very important matters. 

Quality Experience

When it comes to estate planning, every individual deserves to have a quality experience. Even if they are not able to divide up their assets exactly how they want, perhaps due to state or federal laws, they at least will be able to get an explanation as to why. However, a language barrier could mean that this explanation is never fully understood. A client may leave without feeling like their wishes were properly taken into consideration or they may have questions about terminology that was never answered. When they are met with a Spanish-speaking attorney, they will be able to have open lines of communication and understanding. This will affect their experience overall and help them feel more understood, as well as ensure that all their bases are covered. 


Although planning for an individual’s end of life can be off putting, having an attorney that speaks and understands your language can provide you with a sense of comfort as you navigate this essential process. Having access to an attorney that speaks Spanish can help you to feel heard and understood without having to feel pressured. This environment can help individuals seeking estate planning services truly convey what they are feeling in terms of their wishes, as well as concerns that they might have regarding the process. This will overall affect the quality of their experience.  

The Importance of Cultural Awareness

Spanish speakers and the Spanish language should be preserved, as well as encouraged in the United States. This might sound unnecessary, coming from a state that was actually named from a Spanish romance novel, but it is imperative for the Spanish heritage. Due to the realities of immigration, education, and language barriers, it has seemed that the Spanish language has been ostracized. Those who benefit from being bilingual in the state of California should be focused on preserving the language, as well as feel a responsibility to incorporate it into their daily lives or professions. 

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equality Initiatives at Galanti & Copenhaver 

Galanti & Copenhaver recognize that the diversity of our staff is an essential component to the success of our law firm. Supporting diversity and engagement expands our local communities, supporting growth and resilience. This commitment is firmly planted within our values with the belief that our law firm is strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity. We lead with active-listening and empathy in our office to help provide a more inclusive workplace and promote participation in our community. Galanti & Copenhaver offer those who speak Spanish a safe and active-listening environment. 

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